Thursday, July 4, 2013

So unsure

Feels like nothing is going right.

Like maybe I rushed into Pampered Chef, and into some other choices in the last 45 days.

Not sure if I'm (not)reaping from sowing a bad seed, or being tested in patience and perserverance.

I'm choosing to believe the latter.

Anyone who's ever started a business knows that it is HARD WORK!

I've gone from being excited and having a party a week, to nothing scheduled until the end of the month, that I'm pretty sure will cancel. But why am I doubting things.

Its easy to doubt and have a pity party and quit.

But not me, as I type this my mood is changing from feeling defeated and wiped out to motivated and enegized.

I won't let this slow dry patch keep my from my destiny.

What are you running from?

How can you turn your negative to a positive?

What will you do to make that change?

I'm running from failure, I have been so afraid to fail that I won't let myself succeed. And maybe if I fail I will have tried and know what works and what doesn't so I know how to go about it differently the next time around.

How can I turn it around, keep at it, don't give up. I am going to be realistic, and practical, but keep pushing through the discomfort.

Tell me...What will you do?

So glad I have this blog that no one reads to be honest and "talk out" my feelings. I would love if I could help someone else along the way, but this blog for me is FREE therapy!