Saturday, May 18, 2013

Old Navy Style Council - Sample and Share from Crowdtap / Girls Nite Out!

Its been a long time. So much has happened in the almost 2 years since my Israel was born. But before we talk about all the wonderful things this marathon of my life has brought us through, I want to start with the my Old Navy Active wear Sample and Share. Since I was chosen by Crowdtap to participate in an Old Navy Sample and Share, I got to take my bestie T along to pick out a top and bottom. We were SO stoked. From the moment I knew I was selected we had been planning a ladies night out.
The coupons arrived on Tuesday, May 14 and we planned our girls night immediately upon receipt. It was settled, Friday night immediately after work we'd meet at Old Navy, do a lot of shopping, pick the perfect Active wear outfit and cap off the night with dinner from our favorite restaurant Chipotle.
 The week dragged on, from  volunteering at the church nursery to tiresome work days we managed to make it to the BIG day Friday! Girls night out. We met at Target did a little shoe shopping, and then walked down to Old Navy and began what at first seemed like a disappointing task. I had been stalking the website, checking for styles and my size to plan my shopping trip. Needless to say, I knew the things I thought I wanted wouldn't be there, but I was too excited to "sample and share" I didn't let it get me down. As we entered the Active wear section, the first thing I said to T is, "Is this it?" It seemed as if there wasn't much there. Much to my amazement Old Navy, does a great job with space. Can they come help me manage my closet, or lack of closet space, to fit all my clothes? After while, I had picked out a mountain of Active wear that I liked in the sizes I thought would fit. So much for the "limited" selection, there was lots to choose from. After spending about twenty or thirty minutes building my mountain on top of my baby girl's, (we'll have to revisit this later) stroller I was set. Oh, and so was T, she knew what she wanted and didn't really waver. That's why she's my BFF, she keeps me grounded. We headed for the dressing room and sorted out her clothes from my mountain.

I started with some awesome purple and black compression pants I was in love. I paired them with a purple compression tank, but the look didn't quite work for me.

  So, I started breaking down the mountain of clothes. I picked out shorts, capris, tanks, burned out, solid, compression, non-compression you name it, I had it. The relaxed fit shorts became my favorite. I had them in teal, pink, gray and pink, and purple, the only color I refused to try was black. I wanted a bold pop of color and boy did they have just that.

After a little help from, T, I picked out a coral bubble top to go with relaxed fit shorts in gray with coral mesh outlined in neon yellow. Can you say HOT!!!!!!! And T picked some cute and comfy coral rolled top capri yoga pants that say, Old Navy across the fold, and she picked out the same coral bubble top. No wonder we are besties we love the same things! Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap. We are happy tappers!

We are hoping for some more sample and shares from Crowdtap and Old Navy.

Check back later for more info about baby girl and the roller coaster few years we've had. One thing we know is with God ALL things are possible.

Be Blessed

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